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Reading: Nutritional and psychological interfaces in enhancing the quality of life


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Nutritional and psychological interfaces in enhancing the quality of life


Saman Ijaz ,

Foundation University, Islamabad, PK
About Saman

Department of Clinical Psychology,
Foundation University,

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Adeela Rehman

Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi, PK
About Adeela
Head of Department, Sociology, Fatima Jinnah Women University, Pakistan
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Nutrition is an important determinant of one’s brain performance and ultimately the mental health. Similarly, the pattern of one’s eating behaviour defines one’s health. Unhealthy eating patterns from childhood can lead to physical, psychological, and behavioural problems in later stages of life. In this context, the purpose of this research is to study the eating behaviour patterns of young adults, the association between eating patterns and the quality of life, and the differences in mental health conditions determined by demographic factors like age and gender. The research was conducted in Rawalpindi and Islamabad in Pakistan, under a quantitative research design, that used a questionnaire with close-ended questions to assess the individual respondents’ eating patterns and their quality of life. The responses of (385 respondents) were collected online through a survey link, shared on multiple platforms. The findings indicate that the eating patterns like low-fat eating, meal skipping, emotional eating, snacking and sweet, haphazard planning and cultural lifestyle. do have an impact on one’s physical and psychological health. It was also deduced that males have relatively better physical and psychological health as compared to females. The study concludes that healthy eating among young adults will lead to a better quality of life. Hence this study promotes awareness of healthy eating patterns among the younger generation because healthy eating behaviours when initiated from the childhood will lead to a high quality of life ahead. 

How to Cite: Ijaz, S. and Rehman, A., 2023. Nutritional and psychological interfaces in enhancing the quality of life. Sri Lanka Journal of Social Sciences, 45(2), pp.231–240. DOI:
Published on 27 Apr 2023.
Peer Reviewed


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